Thursday 19 October 2017

The Rotary Residential college was established in 1991 to provide quality accommodation for country students. The college was originally for students who were unable to undertake specialized courses at their local high school. Now days the college caters for all rural & remote country students from all over Western Australia.

With the 2005 extensions we have expanded the capacity of the college to 95 rooms and consists of separate dorms for both boys and girls (each student has their own room which also boasts a private bathroom, desk, shelves and wardrobe).

We provide accommodation for those country students that want to attend Government High schools in Perth's metropolitan area. Many of the students do TEE subjects or specialized sports such as tennis, hockey, cricket, fashion and design, golf, netball, and aviation.

Have a look around the College and see the great AMENITIES!

Many of the students are entitled to financial assistance through Centrelink's "Assistance for Isolated Students" scheme. Others may not enjoy those entitlements and must pay the annual fee on a schedule. Please see the enrollments page for more information.

During the school holidays the College is available to groups for holiday / sport event or other specialized event accommodation. Please contact the manager for more information.